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  • Call for papers open to participate in Process Safety and Environmental Protection Special Issue entitled “Air Pollution Control and Waste Management”. This issue builds on the recent E2KW 2014, but it is open to all. More information HERE.
  • How carbon neutral is nuclear power? This month’s cover article estimates the carbon footprint of the different life-cycle phases of a Spanish nuclear facility. Using a hybrid multiregional input-output model, total emissions were estimated to be 21.30 gCO2e/kWh. Most of these emissions were generated outside of Spain. The article has been made by Jorge Zafrilla, María Ángeles Cadarso, Fabio Monsalve and Cristina de la Rúa (the first three are components of GEAR, group attached to CYTEMA research). 


  • The European Comission opens the 2015 call for aplications for the European Natura 2000 Award, which rewards the excellence in the management and promotion of the network and its objetives. Learn more HERE
  • British scientist James Clark explains  business opportunities of green chemistry in the 2014 E2KW Congress. The teacher appealed to the collaboration between scientists and other professionals to “look trash from another point of view.” Learn more HERE.
  • Professor Manuel Andrés Rodrigo, has published the article “Electrochemically Assisted Remediation of Pesticides in Soils and Water: A Review” in Chemical Reviews (Impact Factor 45,661), the non medical journal with the highest impact. The work has been published with two other researchers at the University Paris Est Créteil, attached to CYTEMA. Manuel Rodrigo’s article is the result of his stay as a visiting professor at the University Paris Est, attached to the Campus of International Excellence CYTEMA university. Learn more HERE.
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Call “E2TP CYTEMA-Santander” for incorporation of young doctors for researching in institutes of the University of Castilla-La Mancha attached to CYTEMA.


Listado de excluidos

Aids Call for stays in other Universities and Research Centers, Post-Doctoral Fellowship CYTEMA-PUENTE.

Resolution granting scholarships CYTEMA-PUENTE postdoctoral

Call for Teaching Collaboration Projects and linkage with Vocational Training on Energy and Environment

Deadline for submission: From 16 to 31 January 2014

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¿Catástrofe climática antes del siglo XXX? (Spanish Audio)

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The strategic alliance to consolidate the ICE UCLM refers to the 8 institutions and companies in the CYTEMA:

University of Paris-Est Créteil

logo UAEUUnited Arab Emirates University

Marruecos2Abdelmalek Essâadi University

 Technological University of Eindhoven

National Center for Experimentation in Hydrogen Technologies and Fuel Cells (CNH2)

Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems (ISFOC)

Foundation Science and Technology Park of Albacete.


Energy and Environment Science and Technology Campus.

  • A fortnight research institutes.
  • Fifty research groups.
  • More than 400 researchers.

The International Campus of Excellence Program is part of the Strategy 2015 which sought modernization of Spanish universities.

International Campus of Excellence.


Biodiesel Production via Gasification